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I Hope You’re Sitting Down

…because this one goes on for a bit….Scan 365 Scan 366 Scan 367 Scan 368 Scan 369


…many references to previous stuff in older cartoons…scroll back…scroll back…scroll back.


…or alternatively…go to the “reader” section of your wordpress sight and type in “Catballs”…or “little green men”…that should muddy it up for you.

12 responses to “I Hope You’re Sitting Down

  1. My, what rosy nipples they have!

  2. jeffrey ⋅

    Erm, just what was it that Jonesy put down their throats?
    Still, an epic comic.

  3. bighair63

    I agree! Love their nipples! Cracking job!

  4. A spectacular return for A Kitty and ?twin Kitty! Love the space font Bing bongs, and the references to previous episodes. The interior of the space craft is bonkersly detailed, and a lush shade of mauve. That quilt-like floor is brill. Grand work sirrah!

    • …thank you Frag’…(it’s all the in the research…I look at Giger pictures on the Google images for about a minute and a half….three days before I drew the backgrounds…)….

  5. Epic AWESOMENESS!!!! What a work of love of comics.
    Wow!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

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