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How It Happens

…it goes in here…Scan 375


…then it goes in here…


Scan 373 Scan 374


…and then it goes on nice paper…

…and then it goes on the internet…


26 responses to “How It Happens

  1. You make it LOOK easy! 😉

  2. Thanks for detailing it like that. I always like to see how other people work.
    Plus it’s good to see how much work goes into the finished product.
    The entire sequence penciled, inked and colored is also time consuming.

  3. stripman

    Very interesting ! Before I make a story I only write down some of the words. Then I just start sketching and make my final ink drawing on top of the pencil sketch. I try to do all the planning in my head, lucky enough it’s a big head. And usually it all ends well, at the end of the last page.
    In the old days I used to make several separate pencil an ink drawings, but now I cut as many corners as I can. So… I don’t even have a sketchbook…;o)

  4. Great to see, similar to me~I write out a lot of the story first with a few sketches that I can’t make out 5 minutes later~ but I usually stop at the next stage…ha.

  5. ah, cool to see the process.

  6. bighair63

    Cool! I never do this much prep!

  7. Okay then… here’s my process right now anyway.

    • …I’m scared to look…how much chocolate does it involve?….

      • Unfortunately for me, I’ve had to cut back on chocolate. I’ve put on a few pounds in the past couple of months so now I’m paying the price. Very little chocolate.
        Maybe I should do another process post in another month when I can resume chocolate. Might be significantly different. Sigh….

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