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Not Quite Finished With The Wardrobe Yet





Scan 376


…almost, but not quite.



…(just looked at this as a preview and the credits take longer than reading the strip…is that a good thing?).

12 responses to “Not Quite Finished With The Wardrobe Yet

  1. I think yes 😉
    I watched AR on Sunday and the credits have been muchly updated. Its a far superior programme than say ‘Flog It’ or ‘Cash In The Attic’ both being more Boney M than the Abba of AR, so I do applaud your choice of viewing. 🙂

  2. bighair63

    It’s like some weird alternate Narnia!

  3. Where else are we gonna see a singing Octopus?

  4. Hey Tony, what is this all about? Dogs making subteraenean noises, singing octopi, Mrs. Axelgrinder? And how does some fake baroque music and the title sequence to “Antiques Roadshow” fit in? You might have to email me…

    • ….shit Brendon, it’s bad enough that I have to explain all this rubbish to myself without having to type it all out for you… I suppose I could apply to the government for funding for descriptive subtitling…. but that’s going to be about as popular as a Colin Craig sing along concert in South Auckland…

      • Brendon Fitzgibbon ⋅

        How about something like this: “Singing octopus on the back of a dog using gaseous jet transport flies into the mouth of colin Craig during performance of a John Denver medley and expires noisily?” Something like that would really hit the spot. Literally. /BF

      • …you just keep reading that back to yourself…over and over until Colin Craig comes by to sue you for not turning up to his concert…

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