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Ooooo Boink To Boink You Baby

…as Donna Summer was (sort of) fond of singing….Scan 390


…and to paraphrase Abba…

…”boinking me, boinking you…ahaaa”.

16 responses to “Ooooo Boink To Boink You Baby

  1. thats a groovy kind of boink 😀

  2. I’m all hot and flustered now… Phew!

  3. What is really cool about this little series here is that you HAND draw and color everything.
    In the world of photoshop comics, the duplicates are taken for granted, it means well, not much.
    But in the hand drawn world, which I personally prefer, the duplicates take on a new meaning.
    This is FABULOUS! Your detail influences me in a GREAT WAY!!!

  4. Agree with the comment above.
    .as a photoshop user I know how hard it is to hand draw it all..kudos, love this. Wish I could have it on a t shirt..

  5. Yay!I might just do that…I am loving this series…

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