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All You Need Is Boink All You Need Is Boink

…all you need is boink, boink….

….boink is all you need…Scan 391

Scan 392


…and that, boys & girls, is why W.C. Fields never drank water.

6 responses to “All You Need Is Boink All You Need Is Boink

  1. Geneticists need to adopt this comic series to explain gene mutation. It’s the best representation I’ve ever seen!
    WC Field’s was one smart cookie.
    I think maybe I need to show this to Jeff so he’ll give up his need for emergency water.
    In a word…. BRILLIANT!!!

  2. …damn…I missed the emergency water link…everyone go check out Pamo’s blog with it’s very informative lecture on the importance of emergency water…(hi Jeff!)….

  3. “Boink bites, boink bleeds
    It’s bringin’ me to my knees
    Boink lives, boink dies
    It’s no surprise.”
    poor amoebydoodahs, fab drawing and colouring in!

  4. This is great stuff! So pretty!

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