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Can I Have A Stamp

…we used to ask that of shop keepers, bank tellers and dental nurses when we were kids…

…not only was it free “stuff”…

…it was cool to have your ink on your skin…

…we like to accommodate kids at Too Tone Records…

…they’re an integral part of the music buying public……

…and yes kids, Tony will give you a stamp…


…a bloody great big one….



…Too Tone Records – We’ll Ink Your Kids Whilst You Shop! …

…tell your Mum it was Deirdre’s Idea.


…(big thank you to my nephews Zac & Jo, without whose arms this post would not be possible….

…and to my good friend Dee, whose idea it really was).

10 responses to “Can I Have A Stamp

  1. That is FABULOUS!!! I might just have to borrow that idea Dee. 🙂
    Tony- is that your artwork?

    • …sadly not my art work Pamo….a friend with a steadier hand did it for me (it’s pre current spurt of artiness)…my design tho’…the stamp is for the shop bags and when the boys were asking for stamps it became apparent that the big one should be used…hopefully it’s not as indelible as it looks…

  2. phat phil ⋅

    Fortuitously I found an arm on the beach – if I post it to you, can you return it with a stamp?

  3. Getting a stamp seems to be a lost art these days. As a kid I looked forward to the bank & post office for a stamp. It looks like a tattoo. Are you sure you’re not tattooing people’s kids & just telling them it;s a stamp Hmmm???

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