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Cast Your Minds Back

…to the “episode” that finished with Yoof & Arty in space, with the face hugger kitties…

…you know…

…well, anyway…

Scan 396Scan 397


…as requested by Frag’ (even tho’ it was already story boarded)…

….A. Kitty with the alien mouth thing goin’ on….

…is that hand clapping & squeals of delight I hear?

6 responses to “Cast Your Minds Back

  1. I believe I can hear Frag squealing with delight… yep… there it is… delighted squeals.
    From the head pipe, which is basically a wonderful graphic representation of how Facebook really works, to the “Oh… it’s been 700 years since we saw you…” this entire comic thrills!
    Great colors, great design… you always deliver.

    Well done!!!

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (clapping too) 😀

  3. Grant McDougall ⋅

    I assume you’ve heard about Gutteridge ?

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