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Peter Gutteridge




…my cups half empty today…and Pete’s never got filled…

…eating his favourite New World Supermarket loose buns for morning tea at Too Tone…

…(yes, there were 4 before the photo was taken)….

…miss you buddy.

…(a link to Grant’s obit’, as mentioned in the comments below….


….(check the link in the comments section below for a radio show Pete did with Spencer Hall some time back on Radio 1)…

…(…and the Dunedin Public Library library has a display up…it could use some flowers…just saying….image001


9 responses to “Sad

  1. Grant McDougall ⋅

    Just e-mailed you the link to my obit.

  2. I bought my copy of the Snapper EP at your shop Tony. As I picked it up from the bin, deciding whether to buy it, Peter walked in the door. It was fate! After I bought it, he signed it. Both as a record shopper and fan of his music that was an awesome moment.

  3. Good to see folks rallying around. People are doing it in the real world as well as over the net. Made this comment elsewhere but: NZ/Oz country legend, Johnny cooper, also died recently and he and Peter bookend the whole thing of people fronting up with guitars and singing for me.

  4. there was something about that guy

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