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The Pitter Patter Of Well Shod Feet

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….I’ve worn steel cap boots (or tin-tips as we used to refer to them in the olden days) almost constantly (weddings, funerals & restaurants aside) for nearly 30 years now…

…normal shoes give me horrible blisters and really don’t “ground” me properly…

…normal shoes are completely unsatisfactory for kicking things…

…if you ever get the opportunity to be on a multi story construction site wearing steel cap boots…look for a stairwell with uncarpeted metal stairs…with a bit of practice you can run up the stairs just catching the last step with the edge of the “trailing”  boot as you pass…

…sounds like Quasimodo having a dysfunctional day….

…audibly anarchic.

6 responses to “The Pitter Patter Of Well Shod Feet

  1. Those boxes of shoes in the shelves are sure arranged neat. You must work at that store. (Wink wink.)
    Love the white space around the shoes and kicking the counter with the sign… Don’t Kick the Counter.
    As a fellow retail owner… I know such signs are useless.
    Another great comic and enlightening shoe story too! 🙂

  2. hehe cool toon, love the ‘crunk’ when he kicks the counter, of course we don’t need counters or signs anymore, there is Amazon!

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