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Run Rabbit Run Rabbit Run Run Run

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….a little something that my love of drawing has it’s roots in…

…bloody thank you letters (ooo, no pun intended) were a major chore after xmas & birthdays because I grew up on the other side of the world from all my relatives…

…so that’s another thing I have to thank my Grandmothers for…

…and this time, because I’ve become more “wordy” as I’ve grown older,  I don’t have to squish a rabbit.

3 responses to “Run Rabbit Run Rabbit Run Run Run

  1. This came floating through my email box a couple of days ago and of course I clicked through. This one makes me smile in a mushy kind of way. Probably because you’ve revealed something about yourself that is heart warming and sweet. Squished bunny and all (which is HILARIOUS by the way).
    It’s especially sweet how mum tells Sedge to draw in a picture to fill the space.
    Yep- heart warming and mushy squishy sweet.
    Too late… now I know.

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