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5 responses to “You KNow You’ve Become A Pop Icon When

  1. Poopffiti!
    Another GREAT comic Tony! How long did it take you to draw this one and color it? Just curious. Very detailed.

    • …thank you Pamo (especially for coining a new word for my lexicon)…I a page takes me about (counts on fingers) somewhere between two & a half to maybe 4 hours from whoa to go…depends how well I apply myself to the task at hand…(lots of fiddling with stationery, referencing earlier material, arranging coffee cup to correct ergonomically assigned angle…etc, etc)….

      • I’m sure it’s the obsessive compulsive in me that wants to know! But thanks- I like knowing. 🙂

      • …if I remember, one of my distractions from getting on with the job could be noting down the time I start, the time I get distracted, the time I mentally force myself back to work, the time I stop to to note down what time it is & what I was/was supposed to be king….

        …(obsessive compulsive?…surely that is not a thing?…).

      • Ha! It’s a thing baby, it’s a thangggg.
        Okay- I’d better get to drawing. I’m past my computer distraction time. Not that I’m counting… in actual beans anyway.

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