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7 responses to “I Remember That Guy When He Barely Had Limbs

  1. WOW! A brilliant comic and brilliant commentary!

    The fifth frame is SPECTACULAR!!!! I need to try to reproduce that drawing for pure practice. Love Sedge’s outfit too.

    Your work always blows me away. Amazing.
    You’ve got to do a book. Seriously. A book.

    • …thank you Pamo…looking forward to seeing your take on that frame…Sedge’s outfit is based on one of the first pieces of clothing I chose for myself…a tan sweat shirt with a dark brown trim around the chest & an orange bordered oval thing on the trim…(how the hell did I remember that?)…

      …I was having the book debate with an ol’ cartooning buddy not 2 nights ago…I’ll say the same on the record as I said to him…this is the most stress free run of drawing I’ve ever had…no worrying about how many pages I need to fill a publication or sales or reviews or how many pieces of furniture I can make out of unsold copies (yes I know I can have ’em done relatively cheaply one at a time) and everyone in the in the world can take a look and (hopefully) enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy drawing it!…

      …no plans for a book in the foreseeable future… : ) …

      • It’s a great outfit. You remind me of Jeff in many ways- he would remember a thing like that too.

        I get the book thing. You are very smart to just enjoy the drawing process and thankfully you post them here. I won’t try to convince you otherwise, for now anyway. Keep creating. I’m hooked!
        (And you wouldn’t want me in withdrawal, now would you??)

      • …took me years of angsting to get over those must-publish-in-print blues…now I’m freeeeeee!!!….

        ….just think of me as a chocolate substitute…(er…not carob)…or an easy distraction from the drawing you should be doing!…thank you for your passion for the stuff I do, Pamo, it means a lot to me…

      • Absolutely… you are most welcome. The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.
        You are better than chocolate!
        (Okay… really, now I’m back to work…..)

  2. never was a garfield fan, bagpuss wasn’t so bad though. Love that last frame with the feet sticking up.

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