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I Just Vacuumed

….I just vacuumed….IMG_2446


…I just vacuumed…

…I just…

…Oh! … Hi Jarvis!….



….I didn’t see you there.

8 responses to “I Just Vacuumed

  1. fishriderrecords ⋅

    A dog called ‘Jarvis’ should really be a Cocker-Spaniel for best effect…

  2. So SWEET!!! Is Jarvis your baby?

  3. he’s quite adorable.
    For some reason you became ‘unfollowed’ which is why I’m late commenting on your stuff, wasn’t sure if thats a wordpress glitch or you chucked me out. Either way I cannot be thwarted. I have returned.

  4. Hannah ⋅

    Apologies on the need to vacuum. I think I may have to permanently wear a leather jacket from here on out to avoid Jarvis fur clinging to me wherever I roam

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