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Back In 89

…I started this “on-going” page format strip…Scan 414 Scan 415 Scan 416


…my good friend Brendon did round it out for me (i.e. he took the damn thing and wrote an ending!)..there was enough of it to almost consider it a graphic novel…

…but I got side tracked & never got on to finishing the damn thing….

…sorry B’.

11 responses to “Back In 89

  1. You forgot to mention how long it took to get back to you with the actual plot and how we would have been prosecuted

  2. Love this. Unlike my art, yours actually works in colour OR black and white.

    I think it must be your innate sense of composition that makes this work. You seem to know just how to balance out the positive and negative areas on the page. It’s all simple and direct while having a lot of detail packed in as well.

    Brilliant work, my friend. Brilliant.

    • …wow…thank you Tony…high praise indeed…I look at this old stuff now with the eye of someone who sees all the little fuck-ups and places where I could have worked a little harder…but yes, I think it’s my comp’ that lets me get away with it!!!…

  3. Yes! Tony S. summed it up beautifully. These are remarkable pages with so much packed in. Little side jokes and references. So intricate and detailed.
    It does work brilliantly in black and white.
    More more more!
    (It’s never too late to do the graphic novel.)

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