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More From 89

…(the first three pages were posted yesterday)….

…you thought it was only going to be the 3 pages, didn’t you…Scan 419 Scan 420


…’spose I shouldn’t have said that this has no proper ending.

8 responses to “More From 89

  1. Oggywood! Yay!!!
    More more more!!!!
    There’s gotta be more, right? Your fans need more!!!

  2. Oggywood… HERE I COME!

  3. there has to be more, really!! Also I think the guys at Futurama stole your talking head idea, or was it Mars Attak??? ANyway they owe you big time 🙂

    • …I’d pursue the “character -theft” thing if I could remember wether I stole the idea from some one else in the first place…I’ve always been intrigued by the cryogenic co’s habit of just freezing the head…(not for my own use,….although….)…so it may have come from there…

  4. Well I’ve done my research and your toon is 1989 and Mars Attacks is 1996. and futurama is 2012 they owe you man!! 😊 I am not sure why talking disembodied heads resonates with me, but I do have a wine thing going on. 😀 hoping Ringo isn’t a past participial.

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