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Even More From 89

…this is the last of it…

Scan 421 Scan 422

…although my good friend Brendon says he’s been archiving his writings by running them thru a fax machine…

…sending them out to random numbers…

…so the end is out there somewhere.


…(anyone whose ol’ fax machine just burst into life and spat out about 20 pages of relatively well typed scripty-looking stuff titled “Ogden Mash star of the past in the future” should contact me at…)

14 responses to “Even More From 89

  1. Best line ever: “But I had a body transplant.”

    And lemme just check my fax…


    That’s a no. 😛

  2. loving ‘wearer of the sacred tour badge’ I come across a lot of those on my photo travels, 🙂 great toon.

    • …I hope you mean the badges, not the the wearers, Frag’……thank you…(it’s weird, getting compliments on stuff I did 25 years ago, that I wash’t entirely happy with at the time…makes me look at it all in a new light…thank you again!)…

      • no I meant the wearers! danged tour guides 🙂 25yrs, well showing them now is called ‘A Retrospective’ I think, so congrats for being so accomplished for so long!

      • ..(blushing)…thank you, Frag’…(and to your right you will see the results of 25yrs of pissing about with paper and pens…if you could restrain children from touching them madam, they are valuable artefacts!….)….

  3. The Fanzine’s didn’t record the body transplant… too bad,
    Sometimes people will demand Jeff and I stop lying about who really owns our store… and we kind of have the same reaction as Ogden.
    I checked my fax and no storyline…. sigh.
    A great series. At least he gets a sack of money at the end.
    Maybe he uses the money to do something fun….
    Damn… I really would like an ending here. Brendon? Hello?

  4. the script might be in the basement. it is an evil place. The old lateral trainer is there. it is an evil machine. the last thing I remember is Ska Dewlap, the free jazz sax player and then some kid wearing an inflammatory t-shirt being thrown out the window.

  5. William

    Wow. I’m kinda honored you liked my comic, considering you’re such a better illustrator! Not to mention the lettering. Holy crap!

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