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Licence To Bucket List

…if the licence says you can….

…you can…Scan 432 Scan 433


…results may vary.



…(and for any one who has been around since this current burst of creativity started…this is the 2 year anniversary of me putting down the cig’s & picking up the pens, pencils, brushes,blog…anything!…anything to stop me thinking about those beautifully scented burning sticks of wonderfulness!….arrrgh!!!……)….

…(is it too soon to talk about cig’s, Tony?).

10 responses to “Licence To Bucket List

  1. I’m dying laughing here! Moobs! Ha! The twins smiles are priceless!

    Congratulations on two years cigarette free! It’s the BEST thing you can do for your health. I quit smoking at age 31- so now I’m twenty-one years cigarette free. I can tell you that I thought of smoking every single day for the first five years. After that, I thought of it often and always figured I’d smoke again when I got old.
    Now, over two decades later, I’m so glad I’m a non smoker. I plan to stay that way.

    I will admit that the latest craze of vapor e-cigs had my mind whirring for some time. But I suspect the addictive power and resultant ill health effects will be horrible. So I won’t go there.

    A huge congratulations to you! It’s a wonderful accomplishment and harder than most can imagine. Plus- we all get to benefit from your creative pursuits.

    I’m so proud of you!!!!!!

  2. …thank you Pamo….don’t do the vapour things…they crap up your lungs as bad as dig’s…!!…have a friend who went down that route and they ended up coughing worse than when they smoked tobacco!!!!….

  3. Congrats on the 2 yr give-up, must hang my head as I went the ecig route, but at least don’t wheeze at night anymore so can sleep! 🙂 Great Landing for Mrs.A, hope the twins have it that easy 😀

  4. Not to worry: Give it ten years and you’ll be lolling about just like the rest of us ex-smokers.

  5. Congrats on the two year mark Tony! Your daily output seems like a good trade-off. (I’ve done a year of daily comics but you put me to shame. 🙂 )

    • …cheers John…a year of dailys is way more than I’m doing…I pad it out with nearly (in 2 months!) 30 years of archival stuff….giving away the cig’s has improved my out put tho’…in the ol’ days I’d average maybe 30 pages a year…now I’m doing 30 in 2 months!!!…all that time up in smoke!!!….

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