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Mini Comics Covers

…if you go exploring, backwards, thru my “Archival “toons” category you’ll find the contents of these 4 mini comics, my first foray into publishing circa 1988/89ish…Scan 426 Scan 427 Scan 428 Scan 429


…this all came about after discovering a Matt Feazell comic in my local comic shop with instructions on how to make mini-comics in the back….

…the man is a legend, go check his stuff out.

15 responses to “Mini Comics Covers

  1. I love ’em ALL!
    These are so fun and funny and delightful!!!
    Wow! How do you store all this stuff???

    • …thank you Pamo…
      …I have a bunch of folders with clear pockets…these contain a photocopied chronological archive of nearly everything I’ve done that has seen print (and a few that haven’t)…all the originals of the archival stuff were donated to a local archive library about 10 years ago when I decided that I wouldn’t draw any more and thought that my original art & collection of NZ underground comics would be a handy resource for folk in the future if kept in the right environment!….all the colour stuff in the “UK Toons” and “Finished Art” are either in A5 hard backed visual diaries or on A4 sheets of paper in more of those delightful plastic folders….will probably add to the original donation when the stack gets too big!….

      • Very cool! I’m glad all your stuff is archived. What a collection!
        And I’m VERY glad you’ve picked up drawing again. You started in conjunction with quitting nicotine- do I have that right? And does this mean you had 8 years of no drawing or did you resume before then?
        I’m just curious because I had a much shorter span of quitting drawing for reasons I’m sure were very different than your own. I never had the history behind me that you do, nor the skill.
        I’d love to hear more if you are comfortable filling in the blanks.

      • ….I can see I need to update my “about” page for the intensely curious (looking at you, Pamo)…um…would have to check, but I think you’re about right with the 8 years…my good friend Dee even made a sign for my drawing board that said “Tony used to draw here”…got back into it in the UK at the kitchen table of my cousin Phil (keep your head down, look busy, try not to get swept away in the maelstrom that is that branch of the family)…and lost it again when I started the shop…but yes, cigarette cessation is certainly responsible for this (hopefully continuing) outburst….still have bulk ideas in a notebook that came back with me from Phil’s place plus what is coming out of my mind currently…am now seeing old ideas being absorbed into the new…

        ..and those folders…there’s still another 3 to put on here!….

      • Thanks for the info. Yes I am intensely curious about the people whose work I admire. I appreciate you sharing!
        Still three folders of stuff unmined for blog fodder? Yay! Looks like we’ll all be here awhile.
        (Dee sounds like a great lady.)

      • …Dee is wonderfully tolerant!…always happy to share…(right, back to the mines)….

  2. Teenage Irradiated Jazzercise Sheep? Class title and Bonkersly fab drawings. Am glad there’s many more to come dos they make me laugh.

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