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More Comics Covers

…’illy ‘oop was a supplement in the centre of Ally Oop, a fine Dunedin music ‘zine from  the late 80’s…

…this is possibly the most criminally desperate pun I’ve ever committed…Scan 430

…and for the life of me I can’t recall Vertigo Graphics ever publishing any of my work, let alone allowing me to do a cover….

Scan 431


…although it might have a tie-in with a four page ‘toon I did by the same name…

….loving the mystery!

8 responses to “More Comics Covers

  1. Loving the trip down memory lane. You were far more prolific than I ever was!

    • …I’m sure it’s an optical illusion…I was always very pleased with my self if I completed more than 20 pages in a year!….wouldn’t recognise my current 4 page a week self!!!!….

  2. these are just fabuloso, all those little lines and dots are mindboggling, you must have the patience of Job. Love the accent on cartOOOns 🙂

  3. I have always had a fantasy of doing covers like this. These are so well done. I can see that your drawing has evolved since that time… although I would love to have the skill you had even in these early covers.
    These are artistic and simply brilliant. They are just a pleasure to look at. In a word… WOW!

    I may have to do a Pamo’s World tribute cover… using your work as inspiration…. I’ll be sure to give credit ….
    Man- I’m glad I met you!

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