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There’s No Pun Like A Name Pun

….I can’t decide wether it was Wayne’s parents who did this to him…



…or wether it was Wayne’s manager who wasn’t thinking clearly when “helping” him choose a stage name….


…or maybe, because of his busy hands, it was intentional …


…Wayne King has international appeal….


…and while he might occasionally go out with your sister…


…he sometimes prefers a quiet night in…



…(is it wrong of me to hope he did more than 5 albums?).


…(and for our American friends who may not have the particular term I’m alluding to in their lexicon…substitute Wayne with Jerry, shorten it to Jerr, and Russiannize his surname to Kingov… Jerr’ Kingov…that’s the guy).

11 responses to “There’s No Pun Like A Name Pun

  1. I was thinking “wanking” which kind of is the same thing… if I’m reading this right…. I’m a bit dense in these matters….

    Saw a guy yesterday at the lake who was fishing. On his truck he had “Master Baiter”. Wonder if he draws comics on the side?

    • ….photo!?!?!…don’t know about drawing, but he very likely plays piano….

      • I just checked and no we did not take a photo! What is the matter with us!!!
        Your response has me laughing tears!

      • …that’s the way it’s supposed to work Pamo…I brighten your day, you brighten mine… : )…hope the street party is fun…wish I could take part…(oh please tell me you’re not half way to the airport!)….

      • Oh no… the airport is not too far out of my way… no problem to turn around right now…. 🙂
        The trip there to here would be about 24 hours travel time. So maybe next party you can make it. Ha!

        You definitely brighten my day!

      • …cheers Pamo…only problem I can see (apart from an over stretched credit card) is who would mind our respective shops!!!….(and who would take over our blistering drawing schedules!!)…next time I’m over that way I’ll be sure to stop by…open invitation this end goes without saying!….

      • Excellent points and I concur!
        Yes- open invitation always on my end too.
        Perhaps some day we’ll all meet up at an international webcomic creators convention. We might have to invent it first.

      • …lol…somewhere in-between shop/comic/partner….yep, I’m sure we all have time to organise one of those!….(back to work, Pamo)…

  2. stripman

    Can’t see anything wrong in the name. But over here we’re all about free sex, so it seems.
    Another thing: Does he really play the piano and the saxophone ? Maybe he plays on a record I ones owned: ‘Sax for lovers’…

  3. No surprise he can do the cross hand boogie then. 🙂

  4. Oh dear… That’s an unfortunate name. I’m sure he’s multitalented though, as those album covers attest. 😛

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