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Do Invertebrates Have Bucket Lists

Scan 434


…and before Frag’ asks, here’s a picture of the landing…



…(actually, it’s the time of year for octopi to spawn in this neck of the woods and sadly they’re one of those species who die after they’ve reproduced…a nice piece of synchronicity to go with the above cartoon…. damn, but they’re huge!).

6 responses to “Do Invertebrates Have Bucket Lists

  1. Your comic is hilarious and so damn well drawn! Love the colors and the whistle in the final panel of the downward trajectory… you managed to put sound in the visual.

    The poor creature in the sand is huge! I suppose nature has it’s way….

  2. I love the tongue sticking out. Nice touch! 😉 And, yeah, I guess they can have bucket lists… or at the very least buckets in which to sit, although by the size of that monster it’d have to be a skip. 😮

    • ….and this weeks drawing challenge is a skip full of octopi….(thank you Tony, appreciate the encouragement…the tongue was the only way I could figure to give him more expression than just eyes…)

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