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5 responses to “Post Skydiving Trauma

  1. Yay! Mr. Octopus lives!!!
    Okay- you’ve based these characters on you and your cousin. What are their names? (I’m sure it’s in the archives but I’ve lost a lot of brain cells over the years.)
    GREAT colors!!!! The buttering of the toast in the final panel is perfecto!!!

    • …Yoof & Arty…which, if you say it fast enough, is the pun punchline of a trick Me & my cousin Phil played on my good friend Dee’s band manager….which will take way too long to explain, so you’ll have to go trawling for it!…it might be right at the beginning go the “UK toons” category, because that’s when I started using those guys…

      …(pleased you noticed the toast buttering…wasn’t sure I’d made that obvious enough…)

      • Yoof and Arty… I LOVE it! I’ll go trawling for it for sure.
        Yes, the toast buttering is terrific. I’m learning to ‘see’ your art. You always put in so many details…. GLORIOUS!

  2. a toast eating green octopussy, definitely fab and groovy. Yeah Baby!

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