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The Trouble With The Catballs Soup Cans

…is that, as  characters, it’s hard to find  anything more than bit parts for them…Scan 441


…although…. they do seem to have impact, in any cartoon they appear in.

4 responses to “The Trouble With The Catballs Soup Cans

  1. I laughed my ass off when I saw this in my email yesterday and now today… gotta say, it’s still funny as hell!
    Your sense of comedic timing is perfect. Your drawings are superb, you make it look effortless.
    The hanging balls on the soup can are beyond hilarious!
    That can itself could be a poster.
    Is it possible that your stuff keeps getting BETTER and BETTER? Is that possible when it’s already so damn good?

    How the hell is that possible????

    • ….erm…practice…I think it gets better because it’s all I do outside of work….(back to work Pamo)….

      …thank you Pamo, I appreciate your enthusiasm…can’t believe you only just noticed the lovingly drawn hanging balls that appear on EVERY can of Catballs soup… : )

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