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I Think This Was In Razor

…in fact I’m sure it was…the brief was that Razor’s Editor/Writer Cornelius Stone was going to publish the plans for making Daleks…

…and wanted Dalek related strips….

…you might have to brush up on your Dr. Whoisms to follow this one…

Scan 436 Scan 437 Scan 438 Scan 439


…& I might have to brush up on my defence against IP abuse arts.


…(Razor was an awesome comics anthology, published in Auckland, that I contributed to in the late 80s/early 90s….stay tuned for lots of collaborative stuff that I did with thems from Auck’…).


…(very strange that this should surface in the archive the week I start working on the scripts for some dalek like charters for my current “stories”…).

13 responses to “I Think This Was In Razor

  1. Wow! This stuff is AWESOME!!!!
    I love your words…. WURFP and PLINK and all the snazzy drawings!
    This is SO COOL!!!! I really am in awe.
    You are a drawing GENIUS! Plus you tell a great story.

    • …I’ll accept “quite good”…but “genius”?…that’s just gonna make me more unbearable than my friends already find me!!!…I think at least one of those words was lifted from Don Martin, the root source for all good comics words….

      …thank you Pamo…

  2. as Pamo says, awesome !! And a trip down memory lane for me as I had a red & silver darlek suit when I was 7 and spent many happy hours yelling ‘exterminate’ at the neighbours. 🙂

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