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So A Long Lost Customer Walks Into My Shop

…he doesn’t come so often, now that him & his partner have bought a place, their first, on the other side of town…

…great to catch up, news, rumours, appraisals of the quality of the stock…

…he’s  a customer who I wish could afford a few luxuries on top of servicing his mortgage…

…how long is it since I last saw you?…

…just over a year…

…which is about the length of time it takes to fill a plastic aeroplane full of your daily pocket change…


…which I’d forgotten he’d done last time…. till he pulled it out from under his coat.


…(over $100 bucks worth of new records once a year…take note folk who say they “can’t” afford vinyl…there are savings plans to suit all budgets!).


5 responses to “So A Long Lost Customer Walks Into My Shop

  1. A great story! How wonderful to have such a loyal customer.

  2. Grant McDougall ⋅

    Bless !

  3. good job long losty, at least you know you’ll get a sale once a year!

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