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Water Quality

…is more than just adding fluoride…Scan 448


…it has a lot to do with what YOU put in to it yourself.

5 responses to “Water Quality

  1. Sigh and Double Sigh signs had me roaring from the get go! I really like the direct narration- it’s amazing how much story you get through in such a short space. It’s hilarious when she pushes the kids into the pool. PLOP!
    Bleach enough for home display… who else could think this stuff up but you?!
    Great colors, great lines, great story… another winning comic! Every time your stuff hits my inbox, I’m stoked!
    I might have to fight Frag for it, but I’m your BIGGEST FAN! (I’ll share that honor with Frag but anyone else, I fight to the death I tell you. I fight!)

  2. Haha I’ve seen Pamo on her video and I’m definitely bigger. It would help if the WordPress gremlin would stop unfollowing your blog on my behalf, wondered where you’d got to and had to find you through Pamo’s site! Grr. I think this is such a great idea, having the bleached bones of your departed in the front room, saves cemetary space, prevents polution from crem fumes AND you get to have a companion who doesn’t argue back or hog the TV remote. Good Job!

    • …that gremlin thing is frustrating as hell…have lost a few folk that I follow that way myself…make sure your other half is completely demised before you soak them in the local pool…. : ) …

  3. if I see bubbles coming from anywhere I’ll plug them 🙂

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