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Things Not To Attempt With The Flu

…number one….

…4 page cartoons…Scan 449 Scan 450 Scan 451 Scan 452


…number 2…

…sticking to a drawing schedule that has you ahead of your game….

…number 3…

…thinking up a third thing not to attempt.


…(man, this one nearly did for me….lost my 2 week buffer for posting…and am now a strong advocate for not-drawing-when-your-ill-to-meet-a-self-imposed-deadline).

18 responses to “Things Not To Attempt With The Flu

  1. Hope this one didn’t kill you too much. It killed me. With laughter. Love it. Now I’ll have to eat all the cereal in the world…

  2. stripman

    You’re right ! They say artists should suffer. But I think that’s nonsense. I can’t draw anything when I’m ill.
    But of course this could just mean I’m no artist…

  3. wow the cereal factory is amazingly detailed, well done on working through the flu and producing a masterpiece! Those last 4 frames, very Hitchcock! Get well soon πŸ™‚

  4. You create more with the flu than I ever could at 100%.
    These four pages are so damn good- I really do sit here with my mouth hanging wide open.
    The whole cereal thing… my god I relate. Cereal calls from the cabinet.
    Too much here to comment on all of it- but this could be used for students to study in “how to create a masterpiece”.
    You’ve got the art and the story. Your intelligence shines through every time. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

    Hope you are feeling better.


  6. Damn all those licences. This is why kids are so fat.
    The factory scenes make me think that this is probably how they make sausages too. Just scoop the waste off the abattoir floor & into the sausage machine.

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