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Enter The Cornelius

….here’s a picture I did for Cornelius Stone to publish in his fine comic, Razor…(way back in 1990)….Scan 444

…and our first collaborative effort….

Scan 447


…which I’m sure made sense in the context of something he was writing for us all to contribute to…

…but I’m buggered if I can remember what it was all about….

…Corn’ used to send out screeds of typed pages… sequential ideas with minimal stage direction…

…in the above example I think everyone got a chunk of the script…

…and free rein to interpret/re-write as you saw fit…so long as it started & finished as he’d suggested it would all join up as a cohesive piece…

…the “archival ‘toons” category over the next few months will consist mainly of stuff that Corn’ wrote & I drew….

…and having contacted him to seek permission to re-“publish” all this stuff I found that he is gearing up for more Knuckles The Nun/Oy-Oy carryings on….

…hide your children.

9 responses to “Enter The Cornelius

  1. I absolutely LOVE your top page! The character stepping out of the frame is brilliant. It has your classic background touches without Letra-Tone! (Yours are way better anyway.)
    Then when I read your brilliantly drawn second page- I had a little trouble following the plot. I read your analysis of it and laughed my head off! Your post script make it even funnier.

    You’ve have a remarkable history in sequential art. In awe man, in awe. You truly do inspire me to keep drawing.

  2. I have NO idea what any of it is about (letra tone???) (knuckles the nun??) (Tiscorp??)(Cornelius Stone??) etc but they are great drawings, and Sedgewick is always a joy to see.

  3. still going, know about Tiscorp management services now (though have not found their Jam and Mint sections yet), and Razor comics, your toons come up in the google search BTW 🙂 there is a surprisingly huge number of Cornelius Stones but I’m hunting him down and I will find him.

    • …I’ll warn him…. : )…I discovered that Tisco George is a character created by Dylan Horrocks…way back in ’85…he’s one worth tracking down…great stuff with a very pronounced kiwi feel to it…Knuckles the Malevolent Nun in your search engine should give you more leads on Corn’…and Mr. Langdridge…he’s no slouch…

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