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10 responses to “Anti Social Media

  1. Bawhahahahahahaha!
    Mrs. Axelgrinder does it again! The lads look very upset. Perhaps she’ll leave a nappy in the scanner.
    I do believe this is the first time I’ve seen you reference the internet in your comics. ??

    As another aging going gray haired lady… there will be no butt scans in my future. Not without payment anyway.

    Brilliant comic. More. MORE!!!

    • …your right Pamo, I don’t think I have referenced the the intra web in my cartoons before…too much other stuff in the world to worry at I guess…”very upset” is probably an understatement….

      …(thank you Pamo)…

  2. The lads must be scarred for life. Thank god you didn’t think of Tit Book. 😀

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