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A Frustrating Morning

…dealing with the vagaries of my laptop running system upgrade…

…all the stuff my computer used to know….

…it’s forgotten…

…so whilst I retrain it, here’s one from the archive…Scan 453


…hmmmm…if computers were teddy bears…..

6 responses to “A Frustrating Morning

  1. I hope your computer is doing better…. usually just takes more hours to fix than you actually have.

    I had a cousin who use to play games like this with me. Probably why I relate so well with Teddy. And now, I must call my therapist.

    Have a terrific day Tony! Or night. Or whatever time it is there across the world. 🙂

  2. Oh- early morning time. You are probably asleep. Sweet dreams!

  3. It’s always the teddies that suffer…

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