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University Town

..Dunedin is a University town…

…so a lot of my earlier work is “student-centric” for the simple reason that student publications provided the best opportunities to see my stuff in print…Scan 454 Scan 455 Scan 456 Scan 457


…mutton pies?….

…try google images.

6 responses to “University Town

  1. “No there isn’t a sequel.” Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    My college paper never had comics this good.

  2. Oh I do wish there was a sequel! Brilliant drawings, that font is awesome. Gay dogs on horse tranqs, šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ just all round brilliance.

    • …lol…I had to go back and re-read the whole thing to find the “gay dogs on acid” bit….(should probably read these old one before I post…just in case)….

      …cheers Frag’…

  3. Heny, is that “Mad Dogs On Campus”? Is that why me got hankering for mutton pies? has Vita-Man put in an appearance yet? What about the aliencs and the chocolate laxative? Is my memory throwing up random chunks? Hey

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