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Knuckles The Malevolent Nun

…had a Dalek & she called him Happy…Scan 466


…Cornelius Stone & Roger Langridge created Knuckles quite some time ago….

…the Dalek, they found just lying around…

….the Hare guys & gals are mainly in the North island (too cold down here)…

…and that Pope is the the one before the one that was supposed to be the one before the last one….

…Corn’ had almost everyone in NZ drawing his Knuckles scripts at one point or another…

…I think that’s the most frames I ever squished on to one page…

…Roger is now based in London & makes a living out of silly pictures…

…and Corn’ still lives where it’s warm enough for Hare Khrisna folk to roam freely…

…no link for him, sorry, but he’s very active on the facybookthing and continues to produce screeds of material that need pictures…and is drawing pictures himself again….

….(may the little baby Jesus help us all).

4 responses to “Knuckles The Malevolent Nun

  1. Okay- my mouth is hanging open and I’m a bit clueless about what to say.
    But damn man! Your work simply blows me away.
    You have squeezed so much in here and it’s laugh out loud funny. You manage to bring sound and action and funny all into play.
    Great history here.
    I bow to you oh great comics creator.
    Bowing now….

  2. Corn ⋅

    I didn’t write this you silly old fool. You did.

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