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Whilst On The Subject Of Daleks

….these ones turned up at our local Petroleum selling outlet for a snack from the snack dispensing area….IMG_2808


…nice queue guys.


…(this was originally going to be a piece about service station design parameters & local planning permission but Daleks are way more fun….even the “real” ones).

9 responses to “Whilst On The Subject Of Daleks

  1. I’m glad you told us these are Daleks. Clever little buggers. 🙂

  2. Great image, well spotted young man
    Initially I loved the redness/limited colour.
    But then I wondered whether it was a dalek haka!!! The 3rd one being Kevvy of course
    But then also the vacant windows look like dalek eyes – are these little fellas sitting on a giant Caltex dalek half buried in the concrete?
    Great image as I say, made me go wierd for a while!

    • ….lol…were you wandering around your office/studio/living space waving your arms above your head yelling “YOU WILL HAA-KAA”….(it’s how I start My day- everyday!…except I replace “Ha-Ka” with “draw more”…)…hoping everything is back to normal for you now… : )

  3. I thought these Daleks were the race cars of the Doctor Who world. You know, ‘cos they’re red? And red makes things go faster? No?

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