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In The Interests Of Public Safety

…all Daleks must now queue behind the safety barrier…



…(in your best Dalek voice, shout…) health & safety!…Health & Safety!!…HEALTH &SAFETY!!!…

…(if you’re not sure what a Dalek is type the words “dalek” & “exterminate” into youtube…you’ll get the picture…the moving picture….)


…(yep, 2 days after the original photo…(scroll down)…”they” have installed the worlds most ineffectual “mind-you-don’t-trip-over-that-on-this-well-lit-forecourt” barrier…)…..(it’s official then, the world is fucking bonkers).

6 responses to “In The Interests Of Public Safety

  1. They are keeping the daleks cordoned off to prevent them from exterminating the hot pies and fruit smoothies. You need a time lord a bit rapid by the looks of it.

  2. stripman

    I must say… that food, drinks and cakes don’t look very appetizing…

  3. One mans barrier is another mans photo op- the way of the world.
    Health and safety! Health and safety!

    Small business is tough and getting tougher. I like thinking about Dalek’s much better.

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