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6 responses to “Everything Was Going Swimmingly

  1. When I saw this in my email earlier today, I was almost rolling on the floor in tears! You seamlessly interweave all these details and jokes that give layers upon layers to the final gag.

    I am in love with the “license”… it just makes me happy.

    • …a licence to be happy…hmmmm….

      …(all this stuff is an attempt to celebrate a combination of pop culture and the repetitive gag…the same jokes over and over again in garish easily recognisable packaging….and octopi, of course)…

      • Well- you succeed at it beautifully!
        You are like a slow simmer- your stuff gets better the longer I look at it. It’s like watching a long running series- the more one knows about the characters and story lines, the better the jokes.
        It’s a level of professionalism few comics creators ever achieve. You have been at this level for many years.

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