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When The Good Friend Dee Was On Tour

…I had “nothing-better-to-do”….

…so I did some doodling…some plotting out…started a few bits and pieces…IMG_2841


…(thank god she was only gone 5 days “that” was getting out of hand).



…(hope you didn’t enlarge the photo…some of that lot haven’t been posted yet…shoulda put in a spoiler alert).

6 responses to “When The Good Friend Dee Was On Tour

  1. ooh it’s like a movie trailer, only for your toons. Looking forward to The Dereks, and Planet of the Chickenthings!

  2. I’m with Frag!
    Of course I enlarged that image. You think I can just live on bits and pieces? How much self control do you imagine I have? Do you know nothing of the female mind?

    Looking forward to more cereal too! Yay!!!

    I’m sure you missed Dee but it’s good for your fans that she leave you adrift every once in awhile. 😉

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