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6 responses to “That Daring Young Nun In Her Flying Machine

  1. How long did it take to “stipple” the backgrounds? Do you find it relaxing? Meditative? Or does it drive you crazy? 🙂

    • …all of the above!!!…the black & white stuff I’m posting at the moment was done about 25 years ago…so I’m not sure how long it took…I may of inhaled…….(I can neither confirm nor deny)…I do like repetitive tasks tho…once I get into the rhythm of what I’m supposed to be doing I can think!!!…usually about cartoon plots!!!…

  2. haha Sedgewick flakattak! These drawings are brill Tony, the detail is awesome. (awesome pronounced ‘ossum’ like yankees do.)

  3. Every single panel is so FULL of action!! Great detail and a wonderful mix of visual and written humor.
    Pure genius!

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