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10 responses to “Our Environment

  1. I’m with Frag on this one!
    I’m still in love with the art on the can. 🙂

    I’ve digressed into reading some webcomics by teenaged men. (They could be teenagers- but I suspect they are grown men acting like teenagers….) Anyway- the genre is shock humor and I can see the appeal to other teenaged men. (I’m not as judgey as I sound on this.) The appeal for a middle aged woman, me, not so much. I figure they wouldn’t be much interested in my babble either- to each his own.

    But it made me think of your comics Tony…. You too have a form of shock humor but it is done with such panache that it will appeal to not only teenaged men but also middle aged women who love art and a good laugh. Talent, skill, ability to understand where to draw the line (literally and figuratively), and even your ability to cross the line (figuratively) is remarkable.

    I mean this sincerely. I’ve studied your work and it transcends it’s content. (That statement might only make sense to me but it’s meant as a compliment.)

    Now then, as far as my break from blogging…. it does not include a break from making comments. Keep posting and I’ll keep telling you how I feel about it.

    • …thank you Pamo…your comments make me laugh, cry and look at what I do with a whole new light….I’m gonna miss your ‘toons for the honesty & insight that they share with your comments (even a couple of weeks would be too long)….you’ve got a good strong line and an eye for story telling…(surely you could draw with one hand and xmas retail with the other?)….

      …(as for “grown men acting like teenagers”…that does sound awfully familiar…).

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