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Here’s A Story For You

….so this guy gets Corn’ Stone (circa 1990) enthused about this international publication thing where kids from around the world design a character (with a brief outline of what that character is about, I think), these characters get farmed out to writers from other countries and they, in turn, pass them on to artists….

…as far as I’m aware Corn’ wrote his usual landslide of stuff and passed it around the Razor Press stable…and we dutifully produced the art work….who wouldn’t, international publication…full colour…encouraging kids to do creative stuff…

…fame, fortune, and karmic bonus points for all….Scan 489 Scan 492 Scan 493


…then the guy collects up all the original art work and disappears in to the “we-are-the world-do-they -know-its-xmas” ether…never to be seen again….



…I’m lucky…this was my first full colour sequential piece… we had to provide separated text pages (pre-photo shop!!!) to facilitate dropping translations into the art….I took (primitive) colour copies of the pages so I could cut in the text and see what it look liked as a finished piece….

… most of the folk who contributed never saw their artwork again….

…this is the first time this has been published…

…if you’ve seen this before, let me know where…

…I’ll fetch my stick.

4 responses to “Here’s A Story For You

  1. Inter-Dimensional Time Travel looks so FUN and COLORFUL! I gotta try it now! 🙂

  2. Wow- what a story. And what a huge disappointment to put so much energy and effort and then to have no response. Losing original art is like having a knife stabbed into your stomach. Unbelievable.

    This comic is so funny and you draw it so damn well. I especially love your use of the color wheel and how it carries the story forward. Amazing work Tony. Truly amazing.

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