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So Many Questions

…so little time…Scan 494 Scan 495 Scan 496


…especially if Oy-Oy is on your doorstep.


…(I worked on these characters for 4 years, on & off, with Cornelius Stone…love the way he works…screeds of scripts…pick and choose what you can work with…add and subtract dialogue/stage directions/reality at will…this first 3 pager arrived in the mail as a typed (not word processed) questionnaire, no explanation, nothing….I think it came together nicely…aaaand I’m led to believe Mr. Stone is once again working with these characters…wish I had the time & brain space to play…who knows, if the right questionnaire turned up in my mail box….maybe in the form of 25th anniversary debrief….I might not be able to resist…. ).

12 responses to “So Many Questions

  1. fabulously detailed drawings, not surprised it took you 4yrs to do. πŸ™‚

  2. I’d offer to take on that continuity manager job but Jeff would have me committed to the asylum for the comically insane. I heard Yo Yo hangs out there and I REALLY don’t want to be in the same building with him.
    What a magnificent script to work from! I can see why you loved doing it. Every panel is hilarious- so much packed into a little space.
    I also see this was during your more scripted font phase. If I could only letter a tenth as good as you I would do cartwheels. (Not saying I actually could do cartwheels, mind you.)
    What was your address? That line is brilliant!

    I want to see the anniversary addition!!!! πŸ™‚

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