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But Cereally Folks

Scan 504


Scan 505


…I hope they have “Crunchy Clusters” where you are….

…otherwise that last line won’t make sense.

…(or maybe it’s best you don’t know what they are in case I put you off finishing that box you have in the cupboard).

10 responses to “But Cereally Folks

  1. Nope no crunchy clusters here but we do have Honey Nut Clusters if that helps 🙂

  2. P.S am liking the fab new vibrancy to the colours.

  3. Wow Tony! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors in this one. (Okay- I always love your colors but really LOVE the colors here.)
    I haven’t heard of Crunchy Clusters but they sound very tasty. But now of course I’m thinking of Crunchy Cat Clusters…. so….

    Here in TN we have Goo Goo Clusters… a marshmallow, peanut, caramel, and chocolate treat that makes me salivate as I type.

    I digress.

    Another BRILLIANT comic!!!

    (And I too missed you over the weekend. I’m the only one with the license to go on the back burner… if you go off the grid then all hell will break loose. You gotta have a license man.)

  4. great ! and I really like the colors and the dynamics.

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