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Mad Cow Disease

….aaah….1990, when all we had to worry about was our brains turning to swiss cheese because we’d eaten processed beef in the UK….Scan 499 Scan 500 Scan 501 Scan 502


…they were simpler times.

8 responses to “Mad Cow Disease

  1. stripman

    Glad we’ve survived that one ! Although… it seems the incubation period can be several decades long…

  2. the udder under the stripey shirt was a bit of a shock until I worked out what it really is!!

  3. Brilliant! So much detail. And it does seem fitting that cows would act out in this way. They look so darned cute in that last panel! (Did you draw a lot of cows when you were growing up on a dairy farm?)
    Amazing how much work you put in these comics. Just amazing.

    By the way… what made you start doing your comics in color? Seems that the vast majority of your earlier work was black and white. How did the color transition come about?

    • …thank you Pamo…I think I mainly drew army-men & grotesque cars (yay! Rat fink!) rather than cows…but I have seen number of them and can remember what shape they were…(I draw mainly from memory)…you get back from your drawing what you put in… : ) … black and white was the most cost effective way to reproduce cartoons when I started…and for many years after that…always wanted to work in colour and took every opportunity to do so at others expense…mainly poster work for the local university students assoc’ (and there’s a kids book that I must dig out)…but everything else had to be in b&w…there didn’t seem to be any point in colouring after the fact…. and then they invented the internet and colour scanners became affordable…bam…I can colour everything in and publish it…for a minute fraction of the cost of reproducing a full colour hard copy….I’m freeeeeeeeeeee……(runs out of shop into path of oncoming bus…ooo, messy).

      • Yes! You are so excellent at color that you MUST use it! I completely get that. So glad the world makes it more convenient… We, the world, are a better place for it…. (because we get to see your color).

        Now I want to see that children’s book when you can get to it. No rush… tomorrow’s fine.

      • …working on it…that kids book has a long story to go with it…might take awhile for me to collect my thoughts on that one….
        … : )…

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