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In Case Of Fire

….first remove motorcycle from fire hydrant…IMG_3129


…(I’ve been walking past this tableau, on the way to work, for a number of weeks now…this is the bike owners best attempt yet at blocking access to a clearly marked fire hydrant….I despair at his/her lack of knowledge of the rules of the road – let alone common sense…sure you’re gonna be outside to shift your bike if your house is on fire…aren’t you?….shall I mention the lack of vigilance on the part of our local law enforcement representatives…naah..they’re probably filling out a report even as we speak…mmm…society…we’re fucked).

4 responses to “In Case Of Fire

  1. stripman

    How about this one ? It should fire your imagination…

    ‘A man in the Dutch city of Amsterdam has been injured after a pop-up public toilet sunk into the ground emerged unexpectedly.

    The man was hit by a moped which was thrown up in the air as the so-called UriLift toilet suddenly rose up.

    He is being treated in hospital for minor injuries.’


  2. You’re like an upside down me!Or a me on the other side of the planet. These things drive me nuts!

  3. OCD is the fuel of your creative genius….

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