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Ive Got An Afternoon Off

…I’ve got an afternoon off…Scan 510

…I’ve got an afternoon off….

…(and nothing to add, other than “I’ve got an afternoon off”).

…(oh!…I could add that yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my blog….yay boredfortwoyears!).

6 responses to “Ive Got An Afternoon Off

  1. Happy 2nd anniversary, my friend! I hope you have many more years of comic blogging goodness ahead! How does it feel to have reached this milestone? 🙂

  2. Two years is a grand milestone in the blogging world! Wow! I’m so happy to know you. Kind of makes me teary to think I wouldn’t have met you if you didn’t blog. (I’m a woman- I get to admit things like that. Moving on….)

    Don’t know what to do with yourself and an afternoon off, do you? Eat chocolate! That’s what I would do.

    This is a bit different for Sedge… defending the universe against wrongdoers…. Oh wait…. never mind. Good thing Teddy got that extra centrifuge training. 🙂

    Two years!!! Woo Hoo!!! Time to celebrate!!! I’ll have some chocolate!

  3. well you’ve had it off now, was it good for you??? 😀

    congrats on the 2 yr anniversary, may the boredom continue unabated, and all your pencils be sharp. 🙂

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