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OCD Window Washing

…I stare out my windows all day long…

….watching the dirt accumulate on the glass…

…but never have to wash the windows myself (or pay to have it done)…

…because if I wait for long enough the OCD window washer turns up and does it because he can’t bare to see a grimy window….


…the other guy (yep, two window washers, count ’em) does it in exchange for snippets of musical info…

….his memory is worse than mine….IMG_3088



…but OCD guy is definitely the champ…IMG_3056


…he can spot a bird poop from across the street…


…(there, now I can see the trees again).

6 responses to “OCD Window Washing

  1. This and your previous post give me a feeling of spiritual hiatus.

  2. Somehow, I doubt you ever just sit on your arsus… suss ssuss.
    OCD folks are the BEST at cleaning!
    Wish he lived in the states and drove by my business. The window washers we have do average work FOR pay. None of our guys are OCD. Bahhhh.

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