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I Can’t Believe None Of My Regulars Asked What I Did On My Afternoon Off


…I took the contents of my curio cabinet…IMG_3160


…and I boxed it up…IMG_3169

…and I put it in the other room…IMG_3164

…where it can patiently wait for the decorating to be finished and the re-furb on the new cabinet to be complete…

…and that took aaaages…and was the only thing of note that I got done.


…(except for cooking a roast vegetable & chicken pie).


4 responses to “I Can’t Believe None Of My Regulars Asked What I Did On My Afternoon Off

  1. interesting curio’s, we have the Homer along with the most of the rest of the Simpsons in our downstairs loo, would love to find a Grandpa! Reggae hot sauce as a curio though? Could have put a bit in the pie!

    mmmm, pie……


    • …the way that reads it sounds like you are stuffing plastic figurines in your toilet….the hot sauce was an xmas gift from my cousin Phil who thought the reggae-reggae sauce would go nicely with my Jamaican records….

      …didn’t improve the taste of the records one bit….

  2. That is quite the collection there young man! You see, I thought an afternoon off meant doing not much. Apparently, you have the same condition my hubster does… never a minute wasted.

    Now I DO expect photos of the finished refurb!

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