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5 responses to “How Did They Get Here

  1. I love the colour palettes you use. They really make your work just “pop” off the screen!

    • …thank you Tony…the head colour of Daleks has been driving me bonkers…don’t like it but I’ve run out of colour options with my colouring in pencils!!…you saying you like it is making is making me like it more!!….(might change it yet…have to hope I’m getting a bigger box of pencils for xmas)….

  2. Amazing detail. Amazing storyline. AMAZING!!!

    Bob is a Bright ‘O Bean.

    (I love the color too.)

    • …a hole may have just appeared in my pop culture knowledge…..what’s a Bright’o Bean??….

      …(thank you Pamo)…

      • Bright ‘O Bean is a Jeff made up euphemism. When we encounter someone who displays dull or insipid behavior, we have been known to say… “Bob’s here.”

        You see, Jeff, (much like you Tony), is extremely intelligent. He just knows stuff, he intuits stuff, he’s got more going on in his noggin than most of us regular folks. You would relate to him well- I’m sure of it.

        I guess you could say that I am the “BOB” in our marriage. We all have a role to play.

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