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8 responses to “That Species Of Shopkeepers That I Mentioned

  1. That’s right proper customer service that is.

  2. stripman

    Very good ! Reminds of a shop in Amsterdam I once read about… The shopkeeper sent his customers away if he didn’t like their faces. Sometimes even giving them money if they wouldn’t leave. And if that didn’t work he would walk out the door himself…;o)

  3. haha fab! A shop full of cat food, cereal and things! I would like a ray gun too for some of my customers!

  4. When this came through my email the other day, I felt a real kinship with these shopkeepers. I have been in retail WAYYYYY too long.
    My ray gun is only imaginary but I have one.

    The cat food and cereal references are classic Tony R.

    You really are brilliant. Truly.

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