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Why Do I Always Forget I’ve Said These Things

…in case you aren’t flying Virgin Australia this December…

…and don’t receive a copy of their inflight mag’ as an improvised Xmas gift from your eccentric Aunt….

Scan 520


….I swear I don’t say this shit on purpose…it just comes out…

…and I’d forgotten that they spoke to me about it, so it came as some surprise when I did my usual “so, how did you hear about this shop” thing” and was shown this scrap of paper…

…retail tourettes as a marketing tool?…

…I’m getting quite good at it.


…(opposition record shops names & addresses destroyed courtesy of iPhoto!).

9 responses to “Why Do I Always Forget I’ve Said These Things

  1. I’m going to have to blast in like a tumbleweed one of these days. I wanna check this place out. 😉

  2. I love you man! You ROCK!!!!
    This just made my day! 🙂
    If I ever get out your way, I’m definitely stopping by. The coolest record shop owned and operated by the coolest comics creator around! AWESOME!!!!!

  3. I got chucked off your followees but no worries, there’s no escape, am back. Loving the free advertising!

    • ….all advertising should be free…you should only pay for adverts if your personality/reputation doesn’t proceed you enough!…

      …welcome back…don’t know why it does that…am wondering now how many blogs I thought are no longer functioning are actually just “disappeared”….have any of us ever asked this question of “them”?….

  4. dunedincc ⋅

    This gave me the heartiest laugh of the day

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