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7 responses to “One More Time With Feeling

  1. I don’t know which I’d find scarier, them saying, “Have a nice day!” or “Exterminate!” Either way it sounds like it’s still going to end in brief x-ray death flash. Oy vey! 😛

    • ….yeah…I find that whatever they say ends up sounding scary…esp’ if you spend your every waking hour marching around your shop matching the syllables of popular phrases with the syllables in “exterminate”…hours of mindless fun for me…a whole other level of confusion of my customers… : ) …

  2. Ah- the joys of retail! Yes- some days I do feel rather like a robot.
    Love the different words on the till. Have a numb day… bahahahahahaha!

  3. Our tills dont talk, i checked.
    I imagine youve forgotten that convo by now, but there is the end of it anyway. 😊

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